Abbots Langley Parish Council has the power to make grants of money or materials to organisations that benefit the residents of the Parish. The funds available are limited and competition for grants funding is high. However, this should not deter groups or societies from applying for a grant, as the Council is aware that small amounts of funding for start up groups can be vital.

The Parish Council operates two grants schemes the “Financial Grants Scheme” and the “Small Grants Scheme”.

The Financial Grants Scheme has been in place for a number of years and has supported a wide variety of organisations, charities and projects. Awards have been made from a few hundred to thousands of pounds.

The Small Grants Scheme was introduced in March 2013 specifically to fund events, small projects and community activities. Small awards are capped at a maximum of £250.

Financial Grants are normally considered by the Parish Council’s Finance and Administration Committee at its meeting in January, with the grants being paid at the start of the Parish Council’s financial year in April. The timetable for applications is laid out in the grants application pack that can be downloaded from the How to Apply page. The application pack is updated annually.

Small grants can be applied for throughout the year. Applications have to go through an approval process, so applicants should not leave it too late to apply, particularly if the grant is required for an event being held on a specific date. The application form for a small grant is also available from the How to Apply page.

If any further information is required then please contact the Clerk to the Council or the Finance Officer, who are responsible for administering both grants processes.