Significant updates to published walks will be reported on this page. This will include changes to routes, or stoppages and diversions that sometimes occur.

Updated: 01/02/2021

ALPC Walk 20-09 –  Bucknalls Lane, Bricket Wood, Rivers Colne & Ver (Circular walk: 5.8 miles)

Due to the recent heavy rain there is significant flooding over a wide area from waypoint 42 on this route. The area affected is close to the confluence of the Rivers Colne and Ver.

Until the flooding is clear, which will take some time, the route is not passable in this area. Even when the flooding has subsided the area will need a considerable time to dry out, until such time the walk is best avoided.

The route will be checked again in the Spring.

Updated: 11/08/2020

ALPC Walk 20-02 – Abbots Langley, Leavesden Country Park & Kings Langley

Hertfordshire County Council have advised that parts of East Lane and the East Lane footpath that passes under the M25, are going to be closed for maintenance work. The Temporary Closure Notice comes into effect on 24th August 2020 and the works will take place at some time during the following six months. The statutory notice can be viewed here.

We do not know currently when the works will take place, but will update this page if and when we receive further information.

There is no practical diversion route so it is advised that this walk is avoided during the time the works are taking place.

Updated: 08/06/2020

ALPC Walk 20-01 – Abbots Langley, Leavesden Country Park & Bedmond

ALPC Walk 20-02 – Abbots Langley, Leavesden Country Park & Kings Langley

ALPC Walk 20-03 – Bedmond Village Walk

ALPC Walk 20-05 – Abbots Langley, Nash Mills & Kings Langley “The Three Parishes”

The waypoint Right of Way descriptions on the above routes have been updated. They now align with those used on the Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Map. Some of the walks cross civil parish boundaries, the new descriptions clarify footpath references such as “HCC/Footpath Abbots Langley 4” and “HCC/Footpath Chipperfield 4”.

Updated: 23/05/2020

ALPC Walk 20-02 – Abbots Langley, Leavesden Country Park & Kings Langley

Walk updated to include new permissive footpath on Kings Langley Estate. Route from western end of Sheppey’s Lane changed.