Footpath Walks

The Parish Council produced a printed booklet of Footpath Walks in 2005. This proved to be very popular but after one reprint it went out of stock in 2017. The walks were made available in a downloadable format from this website.

Whilst the walks have mostly weathered the test of time, some have become outdated as waypoints such as pubs have closed and the significant development in parts of the parish have turned previously rural walks into more urban walks.

None of the legacy walks included Leavesden Country Park, which is an excellent starting point for circular walks as it has car parking, a cafe, toilets and other resources such as shops, restaurants and pubs close by.

One of the problems with the printed booklet was it could not be cheaply and quickly updated. The walks are in the process of being substantially revised, updated and new walks being created.

The walks will be made available through the free website and smartphone app. This allows for updates to be made to routes which are then instantly available to users.

The legacy walks will still be available from this website, as they are still downloaded occasionally.

Hertfordshire County Council also arrange local guided health walks, full details are available on their website.