Abbots Langley Parish Council has, with the help of generous donations, installed eight Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs) around the Parish.
The case for CPADs is compelling. Survival rates for cardiac arrests improve significantly when defibrillation can be administered to a patient inside five minutes of the onset of a cardiac event.


The CPADs are installed in locked security cabinets. The code to access the unit is released by the ambulance service when they receive a 999 call and the control room operator identifies a patient is having a cardiac event. There are full instructions located next to each unit.
No prior training is needed to operate a CPAD. The units we purchased (iPad SP1 AED) have a graphic display which shows users where to locate the pads on a patient, it also delivers very clear spoken voice prompts. It will only administer a shock to a patient if it detects that the heart is in a condition where a shock is required. The units will work on both adults and children.

As The Community Heartbeat Trust says “No one will criticise you for trying to save a life! The CPAD will not function unless it determines there is a need, so do not worry about using one!”.

Locations (linked to what3words map addresses)

Defibrillators are installed at the following locations, they are housed in a bright yellow cabinets and are clearly visible on the external walls of the buildings.

Location Map