Bee Keeping on Abbots Langley Parish Council Allotments

Abbots Langley Parish Council (ALPC) are keen to support safe and considerate beekeeping on Parish allotment sites.

As part of this aim, we have published the  Abbots Langley Parish Council Bee Keeping on Allotment Sites – Agreement & Conditions document specifying the application and application process, conditions, and consultation requirements should a tenant wish to apply for permission to keep bees. This document also contains a copy of the formal agreement that would be established between the beekeeper / allotment tenant and Abbots Langley Parish Council should the application be approved.

NOTE: The Abbots Langley Parish Council Bee Keeping on Allotment Sites – Agreement & Conditions document is currently in draft form and will be reviewed and considered for adoption by the Parish Council at the 8th December 2021 Leisure Committee meeting. Existing Abbots Langley Parish Council allotment tenants wishing to submit comments on this draft document are invited to do so at this meeting. Details of the time and place of this meeting will be published on this website.

Tenants wishing to keep honey bees on their allotment are asked to review the above document, ensure they are able to meet all of the conditions detailed in the document, and then complete and submit their application to the Parish Council office.

It should be noted that not every plot or allotment site will be in a suitable location for beekeeping and able to provide for adequate screening and distance from fellow plot holders. For this reason, the Parish Council strongly recommends tenants considering beekeeping start by preparing a site plan in accordance with the conditions detailed in the above document.