Abbots Langley Parish Council operates four allotment sites at Manor House, Jacketts Field, Kingsfield (behind The Compasses Pub) and Primrose Hill. Allotments are an important community resource, used by local residents year round to grow vegetables, soft fruits, and flowers.

Allotment gardening is enjoying a boom at the moment, people are more aware than ever about the origin and chemicals used in mass produced food, with an allotment you know exactly what has gone into the food on your table. But the responsibility of talking on an allotment should not be underestimated. Cultivating and maintaining an allotment takes time, commitment, enthusiasm and a fair amount of time and energy to start up and keep going.

There is always friendly advice available on our allotments sites, fellow holders will be able to tell you the best way to grow prize winning sprouts and five minutes later someone else will tell you how wrong that advice was and how you should really do it.

The Parish Council holds an Annual Allotment Prize Giving and also holds an Allotment Forum to discuss the management and ongoing development of our allotments. The Council appoints a volunteer Allotment Representative on each site. These representatives attend the Council’s Leisure Committee meetings and can bring issues, concerns and suggestions for discussion.

How much does an allotment cost ?

The Parish Council has fixed allotment prices for 2017-2018. The cost for a full plot is £36/year and a half plot £25/year. The prices will increase on 1st October 2018 to £37/year for a full plot and £26/year for a half plot.

The size of an allotment is measured in “poles”. A full plot is 10 poles, which is roughly 9m x 27m and a half plot 5 poles.

The allotment rental year runs from October to September. This means when plots become vacant at the end of a year the new allotment holder will take over in October and will have the winter to prepare their allotment for the new growing season.

The Parish Council reviews allotment rents an annual basis, any changes will be posted on notices in the allotment gardens.

A copy of the terms and conditions of an allotment tenancy can be downloaded from this page.