Submissions due 15th December 2022

The opening date for ALPC grant applications to be awarded in financial year 2023-2024 is 1st October 2022. The final submission date for grant applications to be considered at the Finance & Administration Committee meeting held in January 2023 is 15th December 2022. Applications can be downloaded from the ALPC website here.

Grant applications submitted after 15th December, will be too late to be considered at the January meeting as the applications have to be checked in detail and circulated well in advance of the January meeting. Applications received after 15th December will be considered at the April 2023 meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee. Grant applicants, if they wish, can address the meeting at which their grant is considered. For further details contact the Chief Officer & Clerk to the Council.

Grant applications can be submitted at any other time during the year, but the majority of the funds allocation for grants is decided at the Finance and Administration Committee meeting held in January and therefore the funds available for grant applications submitted later in the year are likely to be limited, or fully expended.

Grant Award letters will be sent out by 15th February 2023 and awarded grants will paid by 30th April 2023 (dates subject to change if HMG changes funding arrangements for Parish Councils or meetings are rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances).