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Abbots Langley Neighbourhood Plan

In May 2014 the Parish Council decided to embark on the process to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The Parish Council decided the designated area for the plan should be the whole of the civil parish. Following public consultation in 2014, Three Rivers District Council, as the local Planning Authority, approved this choice of area. See map right (click to enlarge).

The topics to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan have to be generated by the residents, employees and businesses based in the parish. So each member of the community is encouraged have a say on the issues that are important to them. Thoughts and ideas are requested about how to shape the future of the civil parish of Abbots Langley.

In early 2016 the Parish Council appointed a twelve-person team of local residents and Parish Councillors to coordinate the work programme. This Team will keep the community informed as the plan develops. Before the plan can be accepted, there will be a local referendum for which majority approval is required. If accepted, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the local planning policy to guide future land development and conservation within the parish.

For more information about the procedure to produce a neighbourhood Plan, see:

Your comments and views can be sent to the Neighbourhood Planning Team in the following ways:

Add your comments to our interactive web site:

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Write to: Abbots Langley Parish Council, Langley Road, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, WD5 0EJ

Updated: 25/10/2016

Local Development Framework

In early 2009 Three Rivers District Council undertook a major consultation on a revised Local Development Framework – Core Strategy Preferred Options, which outlined the broad locations for new houses, jobs and services in the area up until 2021. Further details can be found on Three Rivers website.

The Parish Council submitted a comprehensive and detailed response, a copy of which can be downloaded from this link.

In January 2010 Three Rivers District Council carried out a consultation on their “Further Preferred Options”, focusing on the future source of housing and housing sites.

The Parish Council submitted a full response to this further consultation, a copy of which can be downloaded from this link. If you would like a printed copy then please contact the Parish Council office.

The Proposed Submission Core Strategy, published in June 2010, sets out the basic principles and spatial framework for delivering the development and change for the District up to 2026 but no longer contains detailed housing or other site allocations, which will be covered in a separate Site Allocations Development Plan Document and will be subject to further public consultation. The Core Strategy may need to be amended in the light of Government changes or comments made by stakeholders prior to its submission to the Secretary of State.

Planning Applications

Abbots Langley Parish Council is consulted by Three Rivers District Council on all planning applications in the Parish Council area.

The Parish Council has a Planning and Highways Committee which meets every third week to consider and comment on planning applications. As with all Parish Council meetings, members of the press and public are welcome to attend.

In the majority of cases there is no objection to applications. Any concerns or objections are passed back to Three Rivers District Council and these will be taken into consideration by their Planning Officers and Planning Committee when decisions are taken.

If you are interested in a specific planning application and attending the meeting where that is going to be considered, then please contact the Parish Council offices and we will be able to advise if the application has been received and when it will be considered by the Planning Committee.

The Planning Authority, Three Rivers District Council, publish information on all planning applications in the district on their Three Rivers – Planning On-Line website. This includes details of applications, plans, supporting documents, etc, which can be searched by application number or address. There is also links to information on obtaining planning permission and the planning process.

The Planning and Highways Committee are informed and may also express a view on wider planning matters, such as consultations by Government or other organisations, Hertfordshire County Council Mineral and Waste Development Frameworks and relevant planning applications, proposed redevelopment of Watford Hospital site etc.

Other Committee Responsibilities

The Planning and Highways Committee also reviews the provision and maintenance of bus shelters, some of which are the responsibility of the Parish Council. The Committee also deals with the current programme to renew the Parish Council’s notice boards.

Whilst the Parish Council has no responsibility for highways, they are consulted or informed about transport matters, for example the widening of the M25, increasing bus passenger transport representation, notification about road works and road closures and similar matters as they arise.