Parish Council Elections & Co-Option

Co-Option 2017

A vacancy has arisen for a Parish Councillor to represent the Hunton Bridge and Langleybury Ward on Abbots Langley Parish Council.

As the required number of electors have not come forward to call an election this vacancy will be filled by co-option.

Further information is included in the co-option procedure which can be download from the link below.

The Parish Council is committed to co-opting a councillor who resides in, or has close links to, the Hunton Bridge and Langleybury community.

If you are interested in serving as a Parish Councillor then please complete the application form that can be downloaded from the link below, or a blank form can be obtained from the Parish Council office.

If you have any further questions then please contact the Parish Council Office.

Abbots Langley Parish Council – Co-Option Procedure 
Abbots Langley Parish Council – Co-Option Application Form 
Abbots Langley Parish Council – Co-Option Notice


All Councillors who serve on Abbots Langley Parish Council are elected into office. Ordinary elections are held every four years; they were last held in May 2015.
Parish Council elections are organised by Three Rivers District Council. Details of past elections can be found on their Election Results database.

The results of recent Abbots Langley Parish Council elections can be downloaded from the following links. By-elections occur when a Councillor resigns or dies in office.

5th May 2016 (By-election Leavesden Ward)
24th June 2015   (Postponed election Abbots Langley & Bedmond ward)
7th May 2015   (Ordinary elections exc. Abbots Langley & Bedmond ward)

The election on 7th May 2015 for candidates in the Abbots Langley & Bedmond ward was cancelled due to the death of a candidate. It took place in June 2015.